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I have completely reworked item engine and joined competition!

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No screenshots this time!

This week I have...

Upgraded random item engine!
Implemented many new part sprites.
Added new weapon that will be usable after combat overhaul.
Increased experience bonus on parts.
Decreased maximum ether bonus on parts.
Decreased reflection chance on parts.
Decreased ether generation per second on parts.
Decreased ether gained on hit on parts.
Removed line about upgrades on part tooltips, since you can't upgrade parts yet.

Next week I'm planning...

To make game for competition. More about that below!

While not developing Sector Six...

I was playing Skyrim and Path of Exile.

I am making game for competition!

I must make game for 64Digits game competition until 26th.
During that time I won't be working on Sector Six!


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