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Next update will feature important balance changes, new enemies, abilities and side missions!

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The next update is a combat update!

With every update, I make a few changes that positively affect the game.
It doesn't mean it's easy to do those changes because often it requires removing or aggravating something.

So, with the next update gaining ether through getting spaceship hit by enemy projectiles will no longer be possible.

I am hoping that this change will make ether much more valuable because it will be harder to get ether.

The other heavy change is ability point rebalance. This is a very old problem that I have never addressed.

Right now it is possible to upgrade 9 abilities to a maximum level at level 20.
Because only 9 abilities can be equipped, leveling up after level 20 becomes a lot less rewarding.

I have few solutions:

1) Make leveling up give fewer ability points. From currently 4 to 3 or 2.
2) Make ability upgrading cost more than 1 point.
3) Increase maximum ability level to 20.

I like the last most. It will increase the maximum level to 40 and something about having higher ability level feels good.

Of course, this doesn't mean that the abilities will become more powerful.

If right now each ability upgrade makes ability deal 10% more damage after I increase cap each ability upgrade will make ability deal just 5% more damage.

But enough about that.

Sector Six haven't seen new enemies for a while and I am going to fix that!
I am planning to make new enemies - mosaics and collectors.

To those who do not remember mosaics, they are enemies made entirely out of fragile segments.

About collectors, well, they are completely new enemies, that will have a special ability to create parts and fully repair themselves if they collect those parts. Players will be able to steal parts they will create and prevent them from collecting them.

Combat update is not a combat update if I don't add new abilities!
Right now I am planning to add four abilities - two for apocalypse class and two for carrier class, but I might add more.

I have already added an ability for carrier class, called Nine Bladed Mines.
This ability is a hellish combination of Sustained Barrage and Bladed Mine abilities!
Nine Bladed Mines will replace rather disappointing Mine Mayhem.
For more details, check screenshot bellow.

Finally, with this update, I am planning to add new side missions - elimination and gauntlet.

Elimination mission is a variation of kill mission.
The difference is that instead of killing set amount of minions, players will have to kill ALL minions in the region.
Elimination missions will appear only on besieged missions.

Gauntlet mission will be really tough, because, during gauntlet, you won't be able to repair armour!

I have noticed that Sector Six feels best when armour is about to hit zero.
Then combat is an intense and satisfying struggle for survival.
Hopefully gauntlet push player into such struggle.

Gauntlet missions will appear in all regions, but they will be rare because they are both challenging and very rewarding.

As you can see, I am going to be pretty busy for next few weeks!

If you have thoughts about these changes, please let me know in comments.

Until next time!

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