Post news RSS Echo #63: Secure regions and alloy container rework

The upcoming update will feature reworked alloy containers and immersive secure regions!

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In my previous echo, that I have posted two weeks ago, I've said that I'll be working on alloy containers and secure regions.
And I did that.

Alloy containers are finally the best way to repair armour!
Each charge in alloy container now repairs 1% armour instead of just 1 armour.

Container refilling cost is now based on how much alloy is in alloy container.
That means you can refill containers that are not empty and not lose any alloy!

I have also added a bunch of new container properties and flaws:

  • Filled: Containers with "Filled" are found containing the maximum amount of alloy.
  • Generates x armour on kill: Amount of armour repaired on kill is based on container level.
  • Eternal: Containers with "Eternal" are indestructible and gain 50 alloy if you fail the mission.
  • Ancient: Containers with "Ancient" gain 30 alloy when you pass dust cloud.
  • Sacrificial: Containers with "Sacrificial" destroy themselves and restores armour to 50% if armour drops to 0.
  • Corrupted: Containers with "Corrupted" give no alloy when dismantled.
  • Transient: Containers with "Transient" are destroyed when you complete mission.
  • Unstable: Containers with "Unstable" burn alloy when you use repairing abilities.
  • Gains 65 alloy every 50 kills.
  • Generates 1 ether on kill.
  • Gains 10 alloy every 15 kills.
  • Cannot be refilled.

Small changes related to alloy containers:

  • There are 5 new achievements for triggering unstable, transient, eternal, ancient and sacrificial alloy container abilities.
  • I have added three new container skins.
  • Item dismantling value is no longer based on item level.
  • Amplifiers now give alloy when dismantled.
  • Upgrading part now increases its dismantling value.
  • Alloy container dismantling value is now based on the amount of the alloy in the container.

After reworking alloy containers, I have been decorating secure regions.
Because there are so many regions, I am going to leave most of the regions for future.

Next week I am going to make few last improvements and get ready for an update, that I am hoping to release next weekend!

Now I want to apologize for not posting for a while.
I couldn't post because I didn't have the internet for a few days.

If this will happen again in future, know that even if I don't post echoes, it doesn't mean I'm not working on Sector Six.
I am working always, every day =]

Until next time!

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