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This week I have fixed a ton of small issues and updated etalon part naming system!

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This week I have...

Decreased small enemy armour.
Increased large enemy armour.
Balanced part rarity.
Updated enemy AI.
Updated etalon part naming! Now etalon parts have really cool names.

Picture Picture

Picture Picture

Picture Picture

​Changed alloy container refill prices.
Tweaked screen shaking to be more eye pleasing.
Updated Almadi database unlocking animation.
Fixed few issues with new random item engine.
Fixed augment armour ability crash.
Possibly fixed one weird crash.
Done final tweaks to resurrection mission. It's perfect now!

Next week I'm planning...

To write new ability descriptions and update abilities.
To add the Machines to Sector Six map.
To fix small issues.

While not developing Sector Six...

I was playing DarkScape. One does not simply quit RuneScape.
I was playing Guild Wars 2. Toxic spider queen is very annoying.



New etalon names look real sweet. RuneScape. Pffft. MMO's in general, just not my thing, haha. Assembly node, hmmm? Interesting. I'm guessing that's the weapon coming in after combat overhaul.

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Zuurix Author

MMORPG's are my thing, since my first real game was MMORPG. Yep, RuneScape. I played it for 7 years non-stop.
Maybe one day I'll make my own little MMORPG =]

The full potential of assembly nodes will be unlocked after combat overhaul, for now it will have just one ability, to don't make it completely useless.

Not saying anything about assembly nodes, except that they are going to be very different than other weapons!

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