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My story, Final Revelations for Amnesia contains a lot of easter eggs and secrets.

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My story contains quite a lot of easter eggs, secrets and references. Some of them found, some not. Some secrets found but people did not understand the reference, some did. I think most of you have played this story by now, but in case you haven't, and don't want to know where the secrets are, SPOILER ALERT.


Almost every single antagonist and friends (Alma, Michael etc) are either mentioned or playable in my other stories.

Chapter 2:

These 2 are not really secrets, more like references, but it doesn't seem like anyone have figured it out yet. At least no youtuber, but both the mansion and dungeon in chapter 2 are the maps used in "Brutal Lies", but edited. The sewer is new though.

The cassette you can activate in the mansion in chapter 2 is the first cassette you listen to in Brutal Lies, but also a little edited.

Chapter 4:

This is one of the easter eggs many people have found. If you lit all the candles on the chapel alter in the first map of chapter 4, a ghostly voice can be heard and oil will show up on the alter. (You lit all candles easter egg)

In the landlords mansion, go to the library and look up to the floor above you (looks like a balcony). It is possible to climb up there if you look at the fence at the right angle. (You are not suppossed to be up there easter egg)

Chapter 5:

It is suppossed to be a grunt ragdoll at the bar in the boat you are on in chapter 5, although many people never saw him because the model was missing, but if you see it and drag him all the way to the scrub nearby, you will get the "dirty minded" easter egg.

In the mine, a secret passage can be found if you remove some rocks and wood planks. Another grunt can be found in there, taking a bath. Sadly, even that grunt can not be seen by those with the missing grunt model.

In the ward map after using the elevator, go to the right corridor and one of the walls doesn't collide (you can walk right through it). By doing so, you will find the "secret love room" and 2 grunts having sex. (Also don't work if the grunt model is missing)

Chapter 6:

In the first temple map (after leaving the morgue), before you turn the clank to open the big gate, click on a tiny button located on one of the railings near the clank. Then go back to the broken brigde behind the clank and a grunt head will show up and say "YOU SHALL NOT PASS".

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