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In 5.3.0 release of NÖN I totally changed API to similar API as seen in LÖVE. Also, I simplified lifecycle callback and added tons of awesomeness.

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Hello everyone :) New update is finally here. I am sure you all 4 watchers eagerly waited for this LOL.
I updated website (again). You can check it here: Also, new logo:

So, stop talking, start showcasing.

I created new super awesome splash screen which now also logs progress.

Here is example of old method of drawing images and text (with resource loading displayed on splash screen):

ruby code:
require "non/graphics"

def init(assets)
  assets.add :image, "nokia_logo.png"

def ready
  @image = Graphics.image "nokia_logo.png"

def render(dt)
  Graphics.print "What hath Matz wrought?", position: [10, 10]
  Graphics.draw @image, position: [50, 50]

And here is same functionality with new API:

ruby code:
@image = "nokia_logo.png"

def draw "What hath Matz wrought?", position: [10, 10] @image, position: [50, 50]

Awesome right? Same applies to rest of NÖN functionality. Also, added new file API.

Reading from files:

ruby code:
file = NON.files.internal "myfile.txt"
text = file.read_string

Writing to files:

ruby code:
file = NON.files.local "myfile.txt"
file.write_string "My god, it's full of stars"

Also, added support for parsing YAML, JSON and XML files. Small example of parsing YAML:

ruby code:
@file = NON.files.internal "non/config.yml"
@config = NON.files.parse_yaml @file.read_string
puts @config["name"]
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