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Combine defensive and offensive effects, that gives our hero more sustain and control in fights without sacrificing damage.

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This spells combine defensive and offensive effects, that gives our hero more sustain and control in fights without sacrificing damage.

The main effect of the earth spells is to poison enemies and deal damage over time and weaken them.

Let's take a look.


This basic spell shots 3 rocks in front of you dealing damage and knocking back the enemy hit, providing some distance between you and your enemies. Also, every rock has a chance to free the poison gas inside the rock and poisoning any enemy near the impact.


A classic defensive spell. When you are hit by melee attacks or spells that creates force waves like a fireball explosion, you are knock back and unable to move or attack while the knock back lasts. This spell transform your skin and armor into stone, increasing your armor value without decreasing your speed and giving you immunity to all knock back and force attacks while the spell lasts. Also, you regenerate life per second for the same duration.


This AoE spell creates a cloud of poisonous gas in the target location, instantly poisoning all enemies inside, (the poison effect continues after exiting the cloud) and deals extra damage to the enemies who remains in the cloud. And if that if not enough, all enemies inside the area are slowed, so you can move in circles around the poison cloud and see how they die.


Casting and earthquake inside a building might be a bad idea, but is fun. This spell is very powerful, first it make the entire screen shake with force, and big rocks start falling to the ground dealing huge damage to anyone beneath. The big rocks impact the ground and fragments in small rocks in all directions. Also, the big rocks has a chance to release a poison cloud when impacts. The result, devastating.

That's all regarding the elemental spells. In the next articles we will talk about more game play details, like how the alchemy crafting system works, and more information about the talent trees and his game changing abilities.

Stay tuned!

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