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A new artist on the team has made his first development log showcasing some new awesome Earth jutsus!

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Shikate's Development Log

Here we will talk about combining your shape and chakra manipulation to create awesome earth jutsus.
Are you ready my dear doton users? I'm sure you can't wait to learn!

But first, let me introduce myself. My age is 16 and I come from Poland. I have been spriting since 2009 and I'm chosen to take care of developing jutsus for Nin Online!

Aren't you sleeping yet? I hope so. Let's get started!

Doryuu Heki

A basic defending technique. That's what earth jutsus are, aren't they?
Just remember that trapping yourself is not a way to run!

Doryuu Taiga

Have you ever dreamed of getting drown in a milk chocolate river?
The jutsu is quite similar, unfortunately, we have replaced chocolate with mud


Of course some of you might be perfect at Doton style. What would you say about mixing your Katon and Doton chakra to create something even greater?


That advanced type of chakra will win fights for you!

Okay guys, I hope that I'm not that awful at learning! Be sure to comment my development log and keep the topic alive!

Thank you for your attention :)

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