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This is a small update which will finally solve the problem about Silent firing Earth Guns, so now Imperial Conquest, should have guns that have sound now.

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Hello everyone, I am pleased to announce that the problem regarding with Earth Guns no longer producing Sound has been taken care.

I have placed in the GAW audio file of Imperial Conquest, the very same files from Nero Conflict, meaning that now every single Gun of the Earth Resistance, including Earth Factions should now work.

If there are still weapons that are not firing or making a sound, feel free to share and I will see to it, what the problem is. So far there are plenty of sounds now for the Assault Rifles anti tank vehicle launchers, MGs and SMGs, so for now I think that this will help out and allow people to hear the sounds of the guns firing. Tragically for tracers there is nothing I can do, as the Galaxy at War Mod will not allow it, so I hope most of you are find with just looking at bullets fly buy instead of tracers.

But yeah I just wanted to tell you that the guns of Earth are now working and can now be heard, unlike before when you could not hear anything every time they fired.

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