In this post we're talking about a possible early release and what will be available on such release!

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Early release? WHAT?!

Yeah you heard it! Turns out we've had a lot more time than we originally thought we'd have with this project. Of course the release will not be a full release however it will be a functional release! We're going to be releasing a pre-alpha test very soon that you can keep and will auto update it's self as soon as more features are finished/available! (To compensate for this early release and so we don't bamboozle people, we've changed the release date to when we predict the program will be out of alpha/beta).

Features available in the pre-alpha?

Sure! Bare in mind this is what we're hoping will be available in the pre-alpha and might not be in it. We plan to release the pre-alpha with a fully working server creator (duhh) as well as the ability to create and save 2 servers (for now) and be able to run/manage these servers. For obvious reasons not all features mentioned will be available from the beginning such as player listings and plugin support however these are on the top of the hit list as well as some other things! We also want to be able to include the server properties editor in the pre-alpha.

How will I get the latest version?

That's no problem! As soon as an update is available UMSC will let you know and update it's self when you're ready and will not effect your servers whatsoever or any of your settings (maybe). As well as this we've included a neato bug reporter that helps you to help us to help ourselves which in turn helps you! Anyway enough of all that nonsense, lets talk about what will be in future updates!

Future updates?

In future updates we're certainly going to expand this program massively and filled with features! Such as those mentioned on the main page as well as full plugin support and much, much more as we've had a lot of great ideas recently including having a dedicated server listing possibly?

That's all for now, more coming next time closer to the end of this week! Thanks for reading!

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