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I am happy to announce that I'll be away this coming February 7 for some meetings and maybe I'm gonna be a little busy for school on that day so...

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The Announcement

I am attending a meeting at my school this coming Saturday night and that was supposed to be the schedule of the release. I'm gonna be a little busy tomorrow and this coming Friday too so either I'll postpone again the release date or I'm gonna release it today. I finally decided to release the game TODAY! :) I am currently working and uploading the games right now and maybe by the time you read this the game is already downloadable. Enjoy!

Further Continuation of the Series

Courage 2 happened two years after Courage following the incident about James. I am working on the story and mechanics for the upcoming sequel - Courage 3 Reign of Fear, but still didn't started the development yet. I may release updates next week if anyone of you have some comments or suggestions, if its really good or important enough I'll include it to the updates too!

Courage Multiplayer has already been planned but it may not be out this year for I am working on another series (I'll write a blog about it on my page). Meanwhile Courage 3 will be released this December or on January next year. I won't probably say too much 'cause who knows right? There's a lot of changes in life so yeah...hehe.

Courage's prequel has already been planned too. It will focus on the origin of the "smoke" while narrating a brand new story on how things started. Release date is still TBA just like the multiplayer version.


* If you're wondering "are you leaving the Courage series?", nope I don't! I'm just making another series you know, trying new things.

* Android and iOS versions: Yeah I was thinking on making a mobile versions of the games but I'm currently having a difficult time porting and changing the controls and graphics to be compatible with the mobile phones. I tried on making a "scrap game" on a PC platform and then ported its data for the mobile version, I ended up messing the game too much to the fact I don't know what to do next so I stopped. Lol x)

That's it guys! I hope you enjoy the game and thank you so much for supporting my games :) It doesn't matter if you're a critic or a fan, I still thank you :) God bless and stay tuned for more! Have the Courage!

~Dranreb Benedicto

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