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After an amazing holiday, and a great start to the new year, it did not stop of from being hard at work, bringing you all, what you want to see.

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The Underground!

Introducing the Underground section of the game, which will hold the player for a few hours, before unleashing him into the world. This video just shows the basic concept of the starting layout, to give you all a brief idea. Lighting has already changed, to make the area look better, and we are lightmaping the scene now.

The Update

here we go with the update. We have added a lot of improvement to the underground segment, the latest addition (which is not in the video) is a Fuel based lighting system. It is very simple, find fuel, then power a generator, then comes the lights. With a power saving mechanism only a few lights can be active in one area, Sensors will determine via body heat. (Subject to change in the future).

I have spent my time collecting beta testers for a later date, and gaining as much feedback as I could handle before I bursted!

Myke Price a.k.a Pirate Myke, has been hard as work constructing these tunnels, and has done a great job doing so.

Gary Trickett: has also been working on scripting, his latest addition was the fuel based lighting system. (I will provide some coverage in a few days.).

The Plan

The Plan coming up is to get as much done with the tunnels as we can, as in the late of this month we wish to release a public Teaser Demo by the end of the month, which will have a few of the features. The Teaser Demo may not have any AI, unless we can push a few zombies in it. It will mainly just be showing features.

That is it this time guys, I have to get back to work, and hopefully in a few days I can update you all more on what is going on.

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