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Now you can download the windows version and try out the basic combat. However, everything is still under heavy development!

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In this update v0.70 I want to show you guys how the basic combat will look like.
Download the demo/test from the downloads page. Remember, the game is still under heavy development!

General stuff
W A S D to manouver your ship.
Hold 'space' to disable flight assist, then turn the ship and you'll see.
As of right now your ship shields are not dependent on energy, only the weaponry. (That will be fixed in the next update.)
Asteroids are destroyable.

New sound effects
Ship AI will tell you warnings about health and energy.

Before you had your ship turrets mounted in front of your ship so that you can only shoot straight, but now turrets follow the cursor. This update will make it much easier for me in the future to make battleships with multiple turrets. Player controllable of course. :)

The enemies will as soon as they spawn get random turrets, to make enemies more different than the other. (Right now there are only Five different enemy turrets.)
They will calculate your ship position every 2 seconds and try to circle around you.
If they are too close they will find random pos x, y and then regroup to flank you.

If you want to test this new feature without getting killed as easily press 'C' to bring up commands and type 'godmode' and enter. Now fly your ship into the middle of the enemy fleet!

Known bugs (Will be fixed in future updates)
Some enemies have invisible turrets still shooting you when dead.
Enemy pathfinding is somewhat not complete, as they still want to take shortcuts through eachother and even asteroids.
When your energy level reaches 10 the computer AI can repeat 'Energy critical' more than once.

I wrote this news update fairly quickly, I'd like to apologize!
Anyway, try to beat the heavy alien fleet in this big milestone (Simplex method)!

o7 //fr0nk

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