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Launching an early access program to a select amount of members on the discord! More information below!

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Hi everyone! If you are interesting in receiving Early Access to AEM please join the discord server:

Even if you dont make it into early access I will be posting discord exclusive updates on there (which may include a small demo in the near future!). Along with this I am also looking for some developers to help me! If you are interested send me a DM on discord @Surestsafe#1870!

About that demo I mentioned, It will be released only on discord, The demo will feature the new units as well as a custom map set on tatooine! I hope to get the demo out mid-end june and maybe before then if things go well. Before I can release it I have to find a way to make it impossible to unmunge the msh files (to prevent theft of assets) Be sure to join the discord to get the latest updates on the demo!

Before I end this off I want to talk about one more thing: Early Access, Early Access will be given to random people within the discord server, and by the end of next week will be given a build of AEM to test, as a tester you will have access to every feature available in that build, you will be given updated versions as time goes on! Good luck to all, I will see you in the next article!

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Latest AEM update:

Credits to S1thK3nny for the amazing Stormtrooper rig!

S1thK3nnys mod: The Clone Wars Revised:

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