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Some info about Early Access and some other updates

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Hallo everyone, since last update there are some news.

The game is very much alive, actually it is going to be released soon in early access, I'm planning to release it this 11 November; everything needed for the early access update it's almost complete and under testing.

I'm sorry if I've been silent for sometime now but I was hard at work to complete everything in time to release the game.

Following what to expect for the early access:
- some graphic improvements on the World Map, Dungeon and some new VFX for the combat (some more will come in the future, this is just the first iteration)
- a new playable Mission with a couple of new mechanics: Aura to apply costant effects in addition to the ones from enemies and your heroes, a new victory condition
- a new Weapon, a magical staff which is the only way to increase Penetration to inflict more damage,

- a new Symbol along with new Crowd Controls: silence which prevents to cast the following X spells, Magic Disruption which prevents the application of mods in addition to currently available stun and immobilize
- a new world type the Deadlands full of it's set of seasons and a new palette of colors
- a new Demo update containing all the graphic improvements it's ready to be released

Also two new type of enemies more robust and deadly than the others will be between you and your divine quest πŸ‘ΏπŸ‘Ώ.

Along with these new additions some more new optimizations and little fixes to improve performances have been made.

That's all for now people, like I said the game it's planned to be released in early access this 11 November if everything will work as intended.

See you in game, can't wait to know what's your experience 😁.

Some new graphics

New graphics

And the new Aura system for the new quest

New Quest

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