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We are delighted to announce an integration with Github, to follow and track any bug we or the mod players might encounter!

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Hi guys,

So with the mod now live and the Star Wars hype at its maximum, we hope you are enjoying the game!

We also hope that you understand that the mod required, and still requires a lot of work in order to be perfect - myself and JediCloneX2 are aware that certain features are not yet working at a 100% - that's why we decided to integrate a bug tracking and discussion system to the mod as we believe the players are the best people to inform us of any bug they encounter or any suggestion you might have about how to improve it.

We are already aware that some of you guys have encountered bugs within the mod, that was expected as we expect to release a patch some time soon. This will be a joint effort so between all of us we get the perfect mod everyone will enjoy.

To everyone that listed issues in the comments section either yesterday or today, please go to the following link:

In order to log issues, you will need to create an account with github, its free and easy, and will help us know who to give credit to when we overcome a challenge.

You can attach screenshots and snippets of code into the issue if you wish to go one step further.

If you wish any help with github, just comment on this thread.

We hope this tool makes it easier to everyone.

Thank you again for playing our mod and happy gaming!


Kriegtooth - - 1,608 comments

Will this be require to play the mod? Im on dial up and my gaming PC is offline anyway

Im figuring not, but gotta ask to make sure:P A mod for AOE3 did that and totally ruined the mod for me, for no good reason at all honestly

Dont ask me why ANYONE needs automatic updates for a mod. Like, you have got to be really basic dabbler if you dont even follow your favorite mods on here or on their forums :P

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soulrelic616 Author
soulrelic616 - - 54 comments

No don't worry about that, the Github repository files are there only for the Modders. We just want the players to use Github's issue system to log bugs and us track them and solve them. :)

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Equitem94 - - 4 comments

Hey I just recently discovered this mod, and I tried to download it, but I wasn't able to download it. Did I miss the chance to download it, or is it just ModDB and my computer?

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