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The latest Patch for Oil Enterprise (Early Access, Steam)! :)

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Hello everybody! We finally made it to compile another stable build of Oil Enterprise, with a lot of new stuff for you to enjoy and check out. Here it goes

  • Special Events have been added that have a chance of 1% per day to occur. They can, among others, be fracking for your region, a tsunami doing damage or a cattle herd running amok on your field
  • There are special temporary modifiers now that can influence production on an oil field for a time
  • Obstacles on the oilfield can now be removed, with time and effort
  • Difficulty and a description are now displayed in the start scenario screen
  • Clicking "oilfield" on the top left now opens the oilfield overview if there is more than one oilfield
  • Open last contract window when closing view contract and when clicking the contracts mainmenu button
  • Changed Lighting engine to get AntiAliasing to actually work as intended. Colors should be more intense now, too
  • OIlfield yield has been rebalanced to provide a more fluid and interesting gameplay
  • Enabled changing the name of the oil field as well as the enterprise
  • Added a tooltip "ends at" at the duration column of active contracts
  • Redesigned the "Brain" window, which was the last one of an "ancient" design
  • Efficiency map is now visible in the main window as well and can be turned off in the settings if desired
  • Load game and start scenario now work by doubleclicking an entry
  • Show region licensing cost in the region overview window
  • Fixed some Problems with the settings screen
  • Ensured all windows are closed when showing the gameover screen
  • Fixed some texting problems
  • (Mostly) fixed Minimap icons disappearing
  • Fixed Building tooltips staying in place when switching to another oilfield or to the HQ
  • Changed forum link to the official forums at
  • Fixed several problems when buying another region licence
  • Account balance on the world map now updates correctly when spending money there in Pause mode
  • Prevented accepting contracts that should already have begun
  • Buildings sometimes changed the place because of a sanity check. Fixed placement logic and turned off sanity check for now.
  • Buildings in the HQ can now be built correctly
  • Deleting savegames now also deletes local copies

There was one particularily nasty problem where after some time playing "end game" in the pause menu or on the gameover screen doesn't take you back to the main menu, but simply hangs the game. Unfortunately I couldn't find anything wrong in my code, and I'm afraid it is a problem of the Unity Engine in use. I have upgraded to the very latest minor upgrade there is, hoping that the problem is solved there. But I'm already in the process of doing the major version upgrade (to Unity 5.1), so if this last upgrade did not fix the problem, the next one certainly will.

Anyways, why upgrade to another Unity Version at all? We have heard your feedback, and some asked for opponents to play against. Well, there is an idea that it would be great fun for Oil Enterprise to have multiplayer, without any central server, just peer2peer or "LAN". We think that this would be a wondrous addition, along with sabotaging the others and a stock market, enabling hostile takeovers. And of course, after human opponents are in place, it is just one step further to computer-controlled ones, improving the single player experience as well.

BUT: No promises yet, I still have to look into all the stuff required, and I can't tell if Multiplayer is doable at all! Stay tuned, I'll keep you updated, I will definitely know more by the end of the week!

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