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Hi stalkers! The 1.3 patch for the E.A. is here! Main benefits: 1 new map, Episode selection in the main menu, new VFX, lots of fixes/improvements and more! Have a good read!

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1.3 patch is out!

Hello dear stalkers! I hope you're still doing good despite the Covid-19! 💪

I decided to release this intermediate patch before the next, big content update which will contain the rest/end of the adventure.

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What's new in this patch?

In short:

  • One new map added; it's unfinished but there is a big portion.
  • Episode (chapter) selection in the main menu: replay your favorite part!
  • New visual effects; during cutscenes or other special events.
  • A lot of fixes/improvements & code optimisation for the older maps. New stuff when needed.
  • Updated & added text entries.
  • Still no masseur to help you relaxing while you play. Nope. You're on your own until the end.

Download the 1.3 patch now; you need the have the 1.2 build already installed:

Download Forbidden Trip - Early Access (patch 1.3 - 20200614) - Mod DB

Read the instructions in the patch description if needed! Archive password is in there as well. ✅


Resuming progression

Just check Episodes in the main menu then select the special Early Access 1.3 episode to resume where 1.2 ended! See following picture:

Episode selection

The next big content update will be the final! But when?

In my area, the Covid-19 has calmed down so I went 100% back to my IRL job since the beginning of June. 2020 is a lost year for me (like a lot of people around the world) because I had planned to move abroad for new projects/job during summer… it's all cancelled of course… for now.

In the other hand, there was a very good side-effect with that pandemic: it gave me plenty of time to work on Forbidden Trip during the last months. I'm really happy with that and also proud of what has been done since the Early Access release, last Xmas 2019.

Since the 1.2 update from early May, very good progress was made! There is still work to do and with my job resuming, things will be slower. 🙃 I'm just being transparent with you, don't worry though.
Remember! The project only needs one last content update to be completed! So close!! 🤩


Since it was possible, I decided I could release a little something to thank you all for your support and patience while the rest arrives. This is this 1.3 patch.

With the next big content update, expect the last levels, the last answers to your questions. It will be the conclusion of this arc. If needed, I will publish another intermediate patch before that but I don't think it will be necessary at all. 👍

What is left to do, well, mainly scripting, design only needs adjustments here and there. Corrections, upgrades are being added as well in the previous levels, as usual. I should be able to bring voices as well.

Your feedback has been very important and listened; again, thanks a lot for your comments, videos, bug reports… thank you so much! 🤟

An example of new cinematic VFXAn example of new, cinematic VFX, directly inspired by Penumbra games!

I hope you will enjoy this 1.3 patch while I'm cooking the last part. It will include more cool things… some fun, original puzzles (believe me on the original part!! 😆), new areas, other new items… I can't wait to release that.

Until we next meet, take care everyone, be brave! 👌😷


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