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My latest mission for ArmA 2. Completely random zombie adventure. Can you survive?

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Dynamic Zombie Sandbox

This mission is something I have been working on for a while now, and I finally see it as ready for public beta.

What is it?

This mission was made to accomplish a couple things I wanted to see in zombie missions. The first being island independence. You can change the .chernarus on the pbo file to any other island and the mission will work. The only thing on the map is the playable characters. Everything else is generated via scripts.
Along with map independence I wanted as much randomness as possible. The player will be spawned at a random town or position on the map. Vehicles spawn next to buildings with random vehicle types with random weapons inside. Military vehicles spawn by military buildings, civilian with civilian. The players weapon, if he chooses to start with one, will be randomly chosen also. A lot of things are also chooseable in the parameters screen.
I wanted to add as many parameters as possible, so here is a list:

  • Terrain detail
  • Friendly fire damage
  • Debug Mode (shows position of zombies and vehicles)
  • Building Destruction
  • Volumetric Fog
  • Time of Day
  • Multiple Tasks
  • Game Modes (Change the mission completely from default) - wip
  • Bandages
  • Player Start Position
  • Player Start Weapons
  • Player Start Items
  • Ambient Animals :) Sheep don't go away when the Apocalypse starts.
  • Super Zombies (horde variable)
  • Maximum Aggro distance
  • Zombie density per km
  • Minimum Spawn Distance
  • Type of weapons to be spawned in vehicles
  • Whether zombies spawn all over the map or just in towns
  • Vehicle types (civilian, trucks, all, military, dependent on building)
  • Amount of vehicles (want 40fps or 10?]

My vehicle spawning system spawns vehicles at buildings on the map, so they are not limited to just towns. Weapons only spawn within vehicles at the moment.

It can be played on a listen server or dedicated.

This is still in beta so bugs will probably be encountered.

I plan on adding a lot more to the mission in the future!


Requires 1.60 beta or 1.60 patch RC. No other mods/addons required


(MODDB link awaiting authorization)

Thanks to:

All beta testers
VVC team

Photos and Video....

...can be found here on my ModDB page, under images and videos.

AydinDubstep - - 93 comments

Played this today ******* awesome with other people, good stuff! :) Any chance you could add a third spawn option to spawn everyone together? We spent half our time looking for each other!

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Craig_VG Author
Craig_VG - - 115 comments

Sure, I'll put it on my list. The mission is intended to be hard, really hard. But the options let you make it really easy, or even harder. By default it is fairly difficult.

Gotta love the size of those maps! :)

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