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Find out how we are using audio to immerse you into the game also find out how Damned Nation Reborn is going on Steam Greenlight. We also have some of the latest screenshots to show you.

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Audio Immersion

We believe that audio is the key for making a game feel real.

Its easy to make a game look great but to make it feel great to play that where the audio comes in.

We have been working hard to immerse the player into the game using audio.
we have coded a two scripts that control all audio in the game and here is a list of what we have managed to do so far.

Player breathing and heartbeat:

The players breathing and heartbeat is now controlled by the surroundings.

if you are in cover and enemies are close to you your hart will begin to beat loud.

If the player is being chased you will slowly hear a heartbeat fade in and as the enemy get closer they
will begin to breath heavily .

these functions will also be called if the player enters a creepy area.

Ambient audio:

Ambient audio is now used to match the environment
Creepy areas will slowly fade in creepy audio and safe areas (Your haven) will fade in calming audio.

Player movement audio:

We have added a few things to make you feel like you are the player.
Smooth clothing movement audio with smooth fading and automatic volume change.

Here is a very small preview of the code that controls all this.

Steam Greenlight

Damned Nation Reborn has now been on Steam Greenlight for 12 day and is doing very well.

After 12 days we have accumulated 5,807 yes votes making Damned Nation Reborn position 19 in Greenlight.

New Screenshots

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