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The latest iteration of the dynamic combat system which will be employed by Last Stand, this mini-mod standalone enables the feature on vanilla game versions.

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Here we are, the long promised version 1.0 of the Dynamic Combat mod. And it certainly deserves its own version number as there are plenty of changes contained within. So, without further ado:

Changes in this version:

1. The flight model has been tweaked to allow greater dispersal of ships during combat, as well as having a greater chance of ships doing a convincing strafing run against larger, stationary targets. That is, without slamming into them.

2. Weapon damage delineation; instead of tweaking individual weapon statistics like in previous versions, version 1.0 simply changes the damage effectiveness according to specific weapon class and target combinations, according to the formula below:

Each weapon class (anti-light, anti-medium, anti-heavy, etc.) has the following damage modifiers applied to it:

  • 250% damage against intended target class (for example, anti-heavy weapon firing at heavy target)
  • 200% damage against target one class below intended
  • 75% damage against targets two classes below intended*
  • 50% damage against targets three classes below intended*
  • 25% damage against targets four classes below intended*
  • 75% damage against targets one class above intended**
  • 50% damage against targets two classes above intended**
  • 25% damage against targets three classes above intended**

* to simulate tracking difficulties large weapons have against light and fast targets
** to simulate difficulties in armor penetration light weapons have against heavier targets
In addition, capital ships are now very resistant to damage from all weapon classes except torpedo ships, static turret defenses and other capital grade weapons. Capitals are now kings on the field, and cannot be easily countered with frigate swarms - you need either other capitals or a sizable heavy cruiser force. In turn, capital ships have higher effectiveness against all types of targets than outlined in the standard weapons eff. table above.

3. All previous changes to the weapon and armor stats have been removed. This is to bring the mini-mod in line with the existing balance of the game, as well as with the upcoming main mod release.
4. Volumetric explosions and effects mod has been stripped from this version. This is both because the existing version is outdated and to allow easier mixing with various graphic updates that are out there. The Volumetric mod itself is in the process of receiving its overhaul and a new version will be released soon.

5. Gravity wells have been increased in size roughly 200% compared to vanilla. More playing room is a good thing, especially when your ships are all over the place. Don't forget to fleet up and set groups!

And that's that for this release. Keep in mind that the release candidate A is not thoroughly tested yet and there may be some weird behavior, or game disbalance - if you notice anything of the sort, feel free to mail me about it so I can fix it.
Also, the RC A is for Entrenchment only, Diplomacy version coming soon as well.

Cheers and happy gaming!

Madman4700 - - 536 comments

interesting ideas, i look forward to trying.

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Benjin - - 1,194 comments

Good to know that the Diplomacy version is coming.

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Archon_of_Darkness - - 330 comments

Lookin forward to this mod...probably above all the others I have on watch.

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mangosofdoom - - 1,501 comments

love the idea for weapons but on thing will ships always be able to target their preffered target cause having to manualy chose whos firing where could become tedious since its kindof a waste of effort if everyone just target whoever the hell they please.

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ManSh00ter Author
ManSh00ter - - 364 comments

You can assign a primary target for your ships as usual. Its just harder to focus fire now since ships are not always in an optimum position to shoot.

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mangosofdoom - - 1,501 comments

still kinda seems like alot of micromanagment especialy after seeing your most recent screen shot

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ManSh00ter Author
ManSh00ter - - 364 comments

There is no more micromanagement than in vanilla Sins, you just have to abandon the idea that you can neatly order your fleets and ships in the middle of a massive battle. That's why prepping for battle, forming fleets, tasks forces etc is so important - once the battle starts, you can't easily manage your forces.

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mangosofdoom - - 1,501 comments

well at least the ai cant be changed cause otherwise it would freaking dominate u since it would be able to micromanage

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