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Dwelvers is a real time strategy game inspired by the old time classics 'Dungeon Keeper' and 'The Settlers'. The player takes the form of an evil Dungeon Lord who needs to guide their minions in digging out paths and rooms, and claiming them for themselves, growing their dungeon. The game will be based on creating your minions and keeping them pleased in various ways. Then you will lead them into battle to defeat your enemy and claim victory!

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Dwelvers Alpha 0.8k2 released

Download Demo

(1 hour gameplay with the only limitation that it isn't possible to save or load the game)

Dwelvers Alpha Demo 0.8k2

Trailer video

Okay, one more letter before the 0.9 release. I wanted to get some features from the surface world in there before introducing the 0.9 version. The editor was put on hold because I believe that it can be damaging to the development process implementing it before all the features are in place.

This version has some new features such as new constructions and a new room called the "Catacombs room" with ghosts coming with it.

Hotfix Patch 0.8k2

An issue has been solved where ghosts gets hungry and stop the creature production.

New features in Patch 0.8j - 0.8k

Bugfixes 0.8j - 0.8k

  • Not being able to place Rock Wall - I'm not able to place Rock Wall.
  • Mines + Storage rooms - I believe you shouldn't be able to place both mine and Wall Shelf Storage.
  • Creatures Won't Eat - There is plenty of food at the table, but the creature never fully commits to the task.
  • Pathing Fails to Construction - This is a weird one, and I've seen it replicated in this level in a couple different ways.
  • 21:9 problem with Production dialog - When I run the game in 21:9 (2560x1080) resolution the Production dialog box gets screwed up (the one that is opened with the little pouch).
  • Bridges & Reeds Semi-Unbuildable - I was under the impression you should be able to build bridges anywhere over water. I found a spot that although you can initiate to build, once it has all materials placed there the construction never gets built; and the materials are on shore.
  • Lava on Portals - Noticed some lava showing through on a portal to the surface world.
  • Prt Scr Won't Screen Capture - I was trying to take a snapshot earlier using the print screen key, but all I got was white. I was able to take a snapshot from Steam tho.
  • Render bugs for reinforced walls and fog of war - Hello, i just started a new dungeon and the reinforced walls seem to have a weird render glitch for me.
  • Ladder climb down - Creatures climb up well, but they do not climb down. They just teleport to the very bottom of the ladder. I don't think it supposed to be so.
  • Light and shadow - Incorrect display of light and shadow.
  • Imp AI - production stuck - Recently i encountered some strange bug. Namely - after closing breach to quickly cut off portal one imp was left at the wrong side of the wall. After some time i realised that all my production stuck.
  • Picking up lava becomes water - When picking up lava the item the imps pick up is water blocks and not lava blocks!
  • Treasure Chests in Water - Don't think this should happen. Maybe it's pirate booty...
  • Lava + doors - I believe doors should block lava, untill they are destroyed. Maze doors are not being damaged by lava.
  • Lava is displayed through Fog of war - Lava is displayed through Fog of war.

What's next?

I know I said I was going to introduce the editor with this version, but I had to put that one on hold because I believe that every new feature introduced would put the editor out of date. So the editor have to wait until I get most of the planned features in there.

The current plans I have for the next version is to introduce the surface world. That the worlds will be connected some how and have the creatures moving between them. I don't know how much freedom I will give the player to mess around with the surface world, but I think it will be somewhat limited to start with.

I hope you all like this patch, happy playing :)

Want to play the fullversion?

It can be bought from the Dwelvers website or from Steam.

Download Demo

(1 hour gameplay with the only limitation that it isn't possible to save or load the game)

Dwelvers Alpha Demo 0.8k2

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