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Dwelvers is a real time strategy game inspired by the old time classics 'Dungeon Keeper' and 'The Settlers'. The player takes the form of an evil Dungeon Lord who needs to guide their minions in digging out paths and rooms, and claiming them for themselves, growing their dungeon. The game will be based on creating your minions and keeping them pleased in various ways. Then you will lead them into battle to defeat your enemy and claim victory!

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Dwelvers Alpha 0.8j released

Download Demo

(1 hour gameplay with the only limitation that it isn't possible to save or load the game)

Dwelvers Alpha Demo 0.8j2

Trailer video

Yes, yes, we are running out of letters :) This will be the last 0.8 patch before releasing the 0.9 version.

In this 0.8j patch there are some new features such as lava, swimming creatures, new wall and rock models and progression modes. The biggest new feature is the lava, it will burn everything in its way if the player isn't careful!

And to make it a little easier for new players to get into the game a progression mode has been added. Meaning that certain actions can't be done in the game before others. In that way the game leads the player into understanding the mechanics of the production chains and what is relying on what.

New features in Patch 0.8i - 0.8j

  • The rock texture has been improved.
  • Creatures no longer "tilt" between different heights in the dungeon, now they either climb the wall or fall down.
  • Swimming creatures - Creatures can now swim and drown in the water.
  • Wall model improvement - The reinforced wall model has been improved.
  • Progression mode implemented - Most of the buildings in the dungeon needs to be unlocked in one way or the other before they can be built.
  • Fixing the items menu - The items menu has been changed so that it matches the creature menu.
  • First look at the lava - Lava has been implemented, and it will burn everything in its way!

Bugfixes 0.8i - 0.8j

  • Rally doesn't draw all orcs immediately - I noticed today when I was trying to rally to an enemy that Orcs were more focused on digging than attacking the enemy. They tore down half of my room before I deselected the area I was digging and then the Orcs responded to the call.
  • Placed Water Tiles & Constructions - If you have moved water from one place to another, then you can build rooms and other constructions in water that you have placed.
  • Farmland textures - I'm not sure if it's a bug, but it feels like something is wrong with those.
  • 0.8i - Runs a while then errors, then windows forced close - Basically like I mentioned in the other threads, but since I don't know if is the same or not I posted anew.
  • enemies being blocked on tile - It sometimes happens that they block themselves.
  • Materials textures - Stone is glowing and coal is shining.
  • CPU Hog - Whenever I try to run Dwelvers it instantly maxes out my CPU, lags everything I have running (even the game when I don't run anything else), and basically proves itself to be unplayable.
  • Launcher Doubled Resolution entries - The entries for the resolution drop down are doubled. Don't think that is suppose to happen right?
  • Tile Selection - I noticed that when I selected to dig the top level out next to my Bar Room, that it appears to also select the tiles below as well.
  • Crash - Placing Fill Dirt in Water - I uploaded a short clip here of what is happening. I don't know if this has anything to do with being next to the fish, or if there is something else going on. I tried another block that was in water and a crash wasn't produced, but that tile is a definite crash point.
  • Treasure Chests in Water - Don't think this should happen. Maybe it's pirate booty...
  • claiming additional path tiles - stone wall appeared just one tile left from imp claiming path.
  • failed switching to fullscreen - Single card and since 0.8h I had like 2 fullscreen games, so it occurs almost every time.
  • Switching to debugger affects rooms blueprints - After switching to debugger room blueprints are changed.
  • Corrupted structure icons - Hello, i started a new dungeon this morning and it seems that some of the building substructure icons are warped/corrupted.

What's next?

Next up is the 0.9 version, and with this version we will have a map editor included with a couple of new campaign maps if everything goes as planed.

The idea here is that new features will be included and the old one polished as new campaign levels get included in the game. And if these new campaign levels gets included with a regular basis, the interest for Dwelvers should be kept high and steady :)

I hope you all like this patch, happy playing :)

Want to play the fullversion?

It can be bought from the Dwelvers website or from Steam.

Download Demo

(1 hour gameplay with the only limitation that it isn't possible to save or load the game)

Dwelvers Alpha Demo 0.8j2

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