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Dwelvers is a real time strategy game inspired by the old time classics 'Dungeon Keeper' and 'The Settlers'. The player takes the form of an evil Dungeon Lord who needs to guide their minions in digging out paths and rooms, and claiming them for themselves, growing their dungeon. The game will be based on creating your minions and keeping them pleased in various ways. Then you will lead them into battle to defeat your enemy and claim victory!

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Dwelvers Alpha 0.8i released

Download Demo

(1 hour gameplay with the only limitation that it isn't possible to save or load the game)

Dwelvers Alpha Demo 0.8i

Trailer video

This update is a super bug fixing patch as you probably can see below. If everything goes well with this patch I will start adding features into the next patch :)

New features in Patch 0.8h - 0.8i

  • V-Sync option added into launcher.

Bugfixes 0.8h - 0.8i

  • Destroyed Orc Statue - I noticed something interesting when I almost got overrun in one of my games.
  • Mine bug - The heart meter that shows how much there's left of a resource when building a mine on it don't go down even though the imps mine it and it should be less of the resource left. Tried on coal and roots.
  • enemies treating blueprints as material objects - It happens only on claimed tiles.
  • Prison info menu is corrupted - Only one prisoner is visible in the info menu despite there are several prisoners in the prison.
  • A Battle Has Broken Out with a Bridge - Being on bridge displays random warnings - This is a weird one, and the first time I'm seeing this. So I started a new map and I was noticing I kept getting a message that a battle had broken out.
  • Autosaving - Auto Save file no longer shows up in the Load Game list. I used F4 to load an Auto Save, and it didn't load the save I created with F2. The progress was further along than where I Auto Saved from.
  • Mechanic: Reveal Paused Side Effect - First Off I am unsure if this was intended or not, or if this really should go into this section. It in a way could fit here or the bugs section.
  • Creatures Attack priority - I had an orc rioting and I noticed that he was really confused about what to attack.
  • Game just froze when i quit the game - the game froze when i quit the game im not sure wether it was when i pressed quit of after i pressed yes/ok ( im a little tired atm )
  • Dwelvers.exe is not closed - Since the last update i have the problem when i quit the game the dwelvers.exe will not closed and the task are inactiv.
  • Crash - Alt-Tab crash - Hello, I know there already is a thread about crashes related to alt-tab but it is old and locked so at sebt's suggestion i'm making a new one.
  • Crash on Startup (no soundcard) - I have recently upgraded my computer, and since used the Steam code activated last week. For 8g and 8h I have had a crash on startup. I don't have a soundcard installed (onboard sound was bunk so I disabled it, no new soundcard yet) and I crash on startup. I have the following crash dump.
  • Creature Stat Window has Overlapping Text - Didn't notice before, but I saw this when examining a creature in the new interface. The text in the status frame is overlapping itself.
  • Game Loader - This is really more of a minor issue. Just got started and noticed the new loading window. Looks much improved, but it no longer launches the game when you hit Debug like it used to.
  • Black textures everywhere in-game - Reported by the steam community.
  • Exiting Game - I don't really see this as a bug, but I think when you exit the game it should close off the loader and debugger. It also influence Steam.
  • Possible bug related to changing game speed - I observed that as soon as i ramp up the game speed (i went all the way to 9) my farm's production started failing. Grown crops weren't collected and new crops weren't planted either.
  • Game Speed x0 - If you reduce the game speed to 0 and then enter the menu, your game will be stuck at Game Speed x0 until you load a previous game. It doesn't crash the game and it didn't apear to happen in any other Game Speed setting besides 0. Hope you have a recent save...
  • Texture bug - After opening treasure chests in maze.
  • Placed Water Tiles & Constructions - If you have moved water from one place to another, then you can build rooms and other constructions in water that you have placed.
  • Claimed/Unclaimed Tile Resource Render - Noticed this graphical bug when digging out for resources. You'll notice from the image below that resources on unclaimed tiles are rendering strange until the tile is claimed, then they render normally.
  • Transport Dead on Ladders - Dead creatures being transported up ladders stay at the top or bottom until creature transporting them reaches the top or bottom.
  • Decorations Built on Top of Wall - I noticed today that if you place any wall decoration on a wall that goes all the way to the top layer that it can end up being built on top of the wall.
  • Placed Water Tiles & Constructions - If you have moved water from one place to another, then you can build rooms and other constructions in water that you have placed.
  • Treasure Chests in Water - Don't think this should happen. Maybe it's pirate booty...
  • Loader Doesn't Display All Cards - This is on my laptop where I have the basic Intel HD Graphics 4600, but it also has a Radeon HD 8690M which the game should be using for best performance. The Radeon doesn't appear in the list.
  • Dropping Water at Top Level - I don't think this is a bug, but most certainly can become an issue. The problem is that you cannot fetch a water block that has been dropped at the top level of the dungeon because your creatures can't reach it. This can greatly impact any design you planned for your dungeon if you have a water tile in the way up there.
  • Alt-TAB Full Screen to Windowed - As always with a new version, I'm using Alt-Tab a lot bouncing between game and forum. This is a peculiar one. I play in Full Screen mode, so when I Alt-Tab then come back to the game, it doesn't return to true Full Screen. It looks more like Windowed.
  • Zooming out affects sound - I'm not sure if it's a bug, or planned feature, but when you zoom out sound effects are muted.
  • Wall Decos not Placing - The only wall decoration that works now is the shield. You can't place the picture or the manacles at the moment.
  • Mines + Storage rooms - I believe you shouldn't be able to place both mine and Wall Shelf Storage.
  • Constructions - Mine - same bug as with Impanzze bed on 0.8b.
  • Mining - After selecting room to be mined(3x5 on the screens), sometimes the mark disappears. I believe it happens when minion takes control over floor next to it, or reinforces wall next to it.
  • Creature Name is Very Large - Would this may have to do with a character limit on the name bar. This is a pretty long name that is displayed in large print on the screen.
  • Ladders and Torches - This is really kinda nitpicky, but you know me...I was playing around with ladders today, and fortunately they rotate just fine, but it looks really weird when you have a torch sticking through your ladder.

I hope you all like this patch, happy playing :)

Want to play the fullversion?

It can be bought from the Dwelvers website or from Steam.

Download Demo

(1 hour gameplay with the only limitation that it isn't possible to save or load the game)

Dwelvers Alpha Demo 0.8i

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