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2 updates in 1! "Dwarves, Concepts and 2D art" "Elves, Elves and more Elves"

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2 Updates that IRS hasen't added.
Here they are. Enjoy

Update 1
"Dwarves, Concepts and 2D art"


This week's update is full of everything, and the mod is progressing very well on a general note.

First, its the first female dwarf for any mod. Its is Dis, Thorin sister and she will be in the wotr Dwraven Faction.

So here she is:

IPB Image

Secondly, its the Noldorian Design Concepts for the First Age,

Here is the newer, improved and more detailed version of Idril Celebrindal(Stage 3)

IPB Image

This is a powerpoint for the rest of the designs( most is not my work and thats why Idril is the only image outside as I believe I have previewed Finduilas in an earlier update)

However, here is also the Noldorian Feanorian Armour Concept

IPB Image


Finally, here are the skins from Last Week's update as jpegs- however the notes and abandoned concepts are missing

The Nandor and ossiriand

IPB Image

Doraith Archer, Super Sleathed and Nimloth

IPB Image

The Spearman and King's Guard

IPB Image

Thats all this Week Folks,

High Councillor

Update 2
"Elves, Elves and more Elves"


On a General note, the mod is progressing well and solid work in some areas have begun in other eras and the next private beta hopefully be out soon.

Secondly, I would like to welcome Nethlen Narcu on board as part of the mod team, who wil be helping in PR and other things i have planned....

So for this week's update;

Arwen at Helms Deep

She will now be featuring in the wotr campaign in the Helms Deep Battle, as orignally planned in the films, as well as featuring the the Rohan Galadhrim Summon,

IPB Image

Secondly, here are the final skins and models for the Units of the Doriath faction ,( no longer just concepts)

Doriath Archer

IPB Image

Doriath Spearman

IPB Image

Doriath Elite Marchwarden as it was so popular last time

IPB Image

Finally here are the concepts for the eldar of Valinor, with my paintings separate

Finwe and Morgoth

IPB Image

Miriel, Morgoth and Noldorian Archer

IPB Image

Note: Miriel design was origanlly going to be for Irime, but Irime gained a new design
Here are the rest of the powerpoints

Thats all from Lorien, this week Folks
High Councillor of the Vanyar
That is all
Hope you like it,
Nethelen Narçu


Looks good. Though seriously, what is up with the link marked o_O

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