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The Mighty Dwarven Kingdom has many distinctions, even though they are part of the Mannish culture. Strong coin gathering rates insure late game success.

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Culture: men
HC: Erebor
Leader: Thrór
Style: Turtle/Boom
Economy focus: Gold and Wood

Bonuses & Distinctions:

  • They have stronger and slower villagers that gather better at gold
  • They have 180 population, but their villager build limit is 80
  • Buildings cost gold
  • HC cards are better but they have a slow Exp. rate.
  • Units have more hit points but less Line of Sight and speed
  • They also have no cavalry and a small navy

Units: Archer, Axeman, Axe thrower (UU), Catapult, Dwarven pikeman (UU), Fishing boat, Ram, Spearman, Swordsman and Transport boat

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