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Action shoot'em up, featuring dwarves in space! And bees with unicorn heads that breathe deadly rainbows!

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Dwarf Space: Reactor Command is an Action-Arcade-Shoot'em Up.

You can try the game for free here:
Dwarf Space: Reactor Command.

This game was made as an entry into the Indies Vs PewDiePie game jam, if you like what you see please vote up the game here, and thanks!

The Space Brewery is under attack, the Unibees want to take back their honey and destroy the brewery, and if they succeed dwarves everywhere will lose the one and only supply of Star Mead!

For such high stakes, the player must race to defend the brewery and deliver barrels of mead to the space dock whenever the transport ship docks to protect the precious Star Mead for thirsty dwarves everywhere. All the while keeping the nuclear reactors from over-heating by filling them with coolant and keep the dwarves manning the anti aircraft turrets drunk by giving them plenty of Star Mead, dwarves fall asleep if they're sober...

Here's a short gameplay example:

The game has four difficulties, each higher setting increases the number of barrels that must be transported as well as the number of enemies that spawn. The highest difficulty setting 'Endurance' has the most enemies and no victory condition, ship as many barrels as you can until the last drop of dwarf blood is spilt upon the reactor platform.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy playing!

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