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DutchyGamer gives the run down of what has been going on post demo release

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As you may have noticed, we have released a new version a few weeks ago. We hope you enjoyed this version (besides some of the bugs and imbalances it had). This doesn't mean we haven't done anything in the mean time, as we still have 6 out of 8 armies to finish. Next stop, the RA2 sides!

The Soviets where pretty much ingame already. From all the RA2 sides they are the most complete one. We have added some units that were missing, like the Crazy Ivan, and are busy balancing the other units, which means giving them unique weapons, health values, and more.

Yuri is also ingame, but is still missing his strong point: psychics. This is a hard one to recreate, and we're still working on this. In our battles with the testing team we kept noticing Yuri was being defeated every time, because the enemy could flood his defences without fear of losing many of his units. This is also one of the reasons Yuri gets a lot of balancing love from our coders =P
One thing that has been improved a lot are Yuri's favorite anti-air weapons, the Gattling Tanks and Cannons. We have extracted the firing sound from the YR intro movie and edited it a bit, and put it ingame. This, and together with the improved damage and rate of fire, makes Gattling Tanks and Cannons feel and sound much more powerful.

Last but not least are the Allies. This is something that takes a long time, because we don't have much of them at this time. In the images you can see we currently have the IFV, Tank Destroyer, Harrier and the Airforce Command structure (the Allied Radar/Airfield). This means we are still missing about 90% of the Allies Army. We are working on it, but don't expect a new version anytime soon.

Besides the RA2 sides, we also have done some other balancing and bugfixing for the other sides. One major fix is that AA Flak weapons use a different logic now, which makes them hit their target always. Something else worth mentioning is that we have a fully functioning Spy Plane for RA1 Soviets and Psychic Reveal for Yuri.

That is all for now. IC team out.


So it was Tank Destroyer i saw after all, that's easy: I'll code in no time.

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stop tessing us and release the new verison soon :P

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DaFool Author

It hasn't even been a month!

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