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The first and second episode has been released. This is a neo-retro shooters DUSK from a series of developers including David Szymanski and published by New Blood Interactive.

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Update: To clarify, if you buy the game now you’ll receive access to episode 1 & 2 immediately, although the episode 2 launch isn’t officially happening until January 11th, when everything moves to Early Access.

Between Devil Daggers, Strafe, and the seeming eternal renaissance of Quake & Doom modding, it seems like most people have realized that the 90s FPS design wasn’t an milestone that we've gone beyond but rather it is its own niche, entertaining genre that has many fans & buyers, which can still change, grow and have alot of room for creativity to this day.

This is one of those neo-retro shooters DUSK from a series of developers including David Szymanski and published by New Blood Interactive. The first episode (available to play now if you preorder), and as of January 11th, the second act of the game is officially launching with the games release on Early Access, which will be a short wait as the games almost complete..

See Mr Sterling give his """""take""""" on the game.

DUSK is a blend of Quake 1, Blood and Doom. It picks and chooses the element from each of those games, mirroring the feel/theme/look most closely with Blood than the other 2 but the gameplay is refreshing and exilirating when you include KILLER SCARE CROWS and DUAL WEAPONS and POSSESSED REDNECKS - which is R E T R O gameplay. The bad guys are disturbed, the games really hard and only by keeping yourself moving can you survive, enemies use only solid projectile attacks which makes ideal for fast-paced combat.

Enemy density in particular rises to Doom-esque levels, bullet, fireball, masked serial killers with chainsaws, priests who condemn you to hell,

with bullet-spraying soldier and fireball launching pyromaniac enemies (roughly equivalent to Doom’s zombies and imps, respectively) being deployed by the bucketload from the very first scene.

It feels like the escalation from the shareware episodes of Doom to the final game, with the first act of the game offering a gentle introduction to its systems and monsters and slowly escalating odds, only for the difficulty to spike sharply the moment you begin the ‘registered’ levels. It feels a little odd to see that repeated in a modern game, but given that Dusk opens with a faux-DOS boot screen, it feels authentic enough.

New Blood’s plan for Dusk is to give us a £15/$20 SOLID UNCHANGING COMMANDMENT of a price, sales begone, it is what it is. You'll get access to the first episodes and Duskworld right off the bat, which is the multiplayer online part. Later you'll get the 3rd Episode - Dawn, and the modding suite to get players making their levels so as to foster creativity and community involvement rather than having to sweat their asses indefinitely for giving us more that R E T R O experience.

Now if you excuse me, I've got to murder some CULT PRIESTS WITH A CROSSBOW. Later.


Funfact: David Szymanski, the creator of DUSK, made several first person adventure games for Steam, one of them being the amazing Fingerbones, i reaaaally encourage you to try that game out. It's a true masterpiece of ambiance and feel.

PD: It's free.

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INtense! Staff

Really enjoyed this game at PAX. The nostalgia is real.

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at least the music is good

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