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"Far over the misty mountains cold,To dungeons deep and caverns old,We must away, ere break of day,To find our long-forgotten gold.

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Hello today ill tell you about the Fraction of Durins Folk (Dwarves)

The will be split up into these subfractions
Dwarves of Aule(first age Dwarves)
Khazad dum(second age dwarves)
Iron Hills
Ruins of Erebor(Thorin and company with laketown and mirkwood elves ect)
Erebor of Old(Erebor and Dale Before the Dragon Attacked)
Erebor (War of The Ring)
Blue Mountains.

If you havent guessed by the summary i will tell you about the ruins of erebor or Thorins Company.

I will include them through the heroes spells but here are the heroes recruited from the Fortress

Thorin(late and main game hero)
Balin(medium support hero)
Kili and Fili(medium game hero unit)
Bilbo (early game hero)

Heres Thorins Skillset

King of Durins Folk=Leadership bonus(level 1)
Dwarf Allies=Thorin Summons Dwalin,Bofur and oin pernamently
Ally of Laketown=Thorin gets his Laketown armour and gives a armour bonus to them(level 5)
Dragon Sickness=Thorin gets a damage bonus for a while but he will attack friend and Foe(level 7)
King under the mountain=Thorin gets his Regal Armour and Iron hills and Blue Mountain Heroes and units cost is decreased by 75 percent so this makes thorin good hero to level up if you rely on those subfractions along with the ruins of Erebor.

Heres Balins skillset. He can choose to go to moria or with thorins company so ill tell you His Thorins Company abillitys.
Dwarf Veteran=Damage bonus and armour Bonus(level 1) C a unit by one level(level 3)
His name is Bilbo=Bilbo gets an armour bonus when near Balin(level 5)
Armour of The Mountain=Balin gets his Botfa Armour(level 7)
Dwarven Allies=Balin summons Gloin,Ori and dori at level 10 and in their armour(level 10)

Heres Kili and Fili skillset

Split=Kili and Fili split and if one dies while split you have to build the fallen one and then go near the other to join together(level 1) My sisters S bonus near Thorin(level 3)
Armour of Erebor=Gets Botfa Armour(level 5)
Follow Me One Last Time=Fili And Kili summon Nori,bifur and bombur at level 10(level 7)

Heres kili's seperate skillset
Toggle Weapon level 1
Archer of The Company=Kili temporarily guards the selected units with his bow(level 3 bow)
Brother of Fili=goes back the hero unit if fili is near(level 5)

Heres Fili's seperate skillset
Toggle Weapon level between swords and axe)1Warrior of The Company=Fili temporarily guards the selected units with his Axe(level 3 Axe)
Brother of Kili=goes back the hero unit if kili is near(level 5)

Heres bilbos skillset

Toggle Weapon=Bilbo toggles between his walking stick and rocks
Im looking for some one to go on a adventure=Bilbo summons Gandalf with a hobbit design and abilitys that i wont show today(leave 3)
Burgular=Steals resources from enemy economy building(level 5)
Laketown armour=Bilbo gets Laketown Armour(level 7)

Thats the heroes now ill get to the buildings.

Bag End=The Fortress
Laketown town hall=Trains Bard,Laketown peaeaseants,soldiers and archers.It also trains the master of Laketown and it has an black arrow tower upgrade
Ruins of Dale=Trains Bard with leadership abiltys and alfrid and laketown peaseants who have laketown soldiers as banner carriers.Also you can train Thranduil with his armour,Legolas,Tauriel and mirkwood units here when you buy the mirkwood camps upgrade.
Raven Homes=Based on ravenhill here you can train the ravens and carc and with the ravens you can get the iron hills and blue mountains subfractions.
Erebor Ruins=Trains erebor fighters and guards.

Thats all for now but next time ill tell you about the ruins of dale and laketown and if you wonder how bilbo gets sting,Thorin gets orcist,And Gandalf gets Glamdring there will be a power for gandalf which unlocks them all called troll hoard.

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