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We've been working on the snowy mountains zone and the ground clutter and environment is almost finished!

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Hello everyone!

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We've been working on the Snowy Mountains zone for the last week or so, on and off, experimenting with some variations of variables to get an altogether different environment than we achieved with the Grasslands zone. Though the Snowy Mountains zone uses the same environment generation code, we've altered the values slightly to make the ground more uneven. We are also adding many more ground clutter objects to give the mountains area more of a difference.

Here is a video of what the zone looked like before we started working on the environment:

Now, here's what it looks like after we tinkered with it for a while:

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As you can see, there are two kinds of ground clutter in the picture: a boulder and a tree stump. The boulder serves as your standard obstacle, but the tree stump (and some fallen tree trunks elsewhere) indicates strong blizzard winds and the harsh climate. We think that these ground objects make the area seem more rigid and dangerous.

Hopefully the picture also allows you to see that we have added snowfall to the environment. It is a peaceful snowfall, but it could change into a blizzard at any moment.

We've also added some fallen tree trunks (as noted before) and a new enemy for the area: possessed snow owls.

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Since they are colored similarly to the snow texture, they are difficult to see, and they are naturally fast. Colliding with them during their haphazard flying patterns could mean death if you're not careful.

With the addition of the Snowy Mountains, we decided to add a hidden playable class that can be accessed at at a certain level (a secret!). Fitting the theme of the snow and cold, we decided to model it as a Thaumaturge.

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The Thaumaturge works similarly to the Ranger in that they deal the same amount of damage and their rate of fire is similar, except the Thaumaturge's range is shorter. However (in later updates) the Thaumaturge will have increased armor due to his ice presence.

In our spare time while working on the snowy mountains, we've adjusted all of the ranged attacks so that they accurately reflect a specific range that each class can reach. What was going wrong before was that the projectiles were not leaving the map when they left the screen, so they continued forever and ever until they collided with something else and disappeared, or hit an enemy and gave the player unearned EXP. This has been fixed and gives the player a more limited window in which to shoot enemies.

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