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We're hacking and slashing our way through building the Death Foundry! Look, we have screenshots for proof!

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Hello everyone!

 photo DoD Splash Image_zpseqwtbrtd.png

Picture time! Today we have a few screenshots of our newest zone, the Death Foundry. It is a huge undertaking as there are many new aspects to this zone, such as: being able to go from indoors to outside, halls with many different bosses, randomly-generated dungeons for extra loot, and a more engaging environment.

 photo DF portal_zpsri53cmap.png
(The Death Foundry portal, a little more unstable than the rest of them...)

 photo DF outside_zpsxf4yvsdw.png
(The Death Foundry grounds, where evil resurrections and experiments take place...)

 photo DF guards_zpspk8khoa1.png
(Part of a bridge that players can walk under...)

 photo DF bridge_zpspjzhjtbg.png
(The Death Foundry environment bridge, that you can walk under and turns translucent...)

 photo DF entrance_zpsweb2odj2.png
(The Death Foundry entrance stairs, keeps exploring and you'll find them...)

 photo DF entrance 2_zpscff0iqhu.png
(The massive door leading inside...)

 photo DF atrium_zpsw2wnsjth.png
(Death Foundry interior)

 photo DF atrium 2_zpsphszilnl.png
(Death Foundry interior)

 photo DF atrium door_zps44gqdy09.png
(The door that leads to the final boss room of the Death Foundry, opened by acquiring four keys...)

Please stay tuned for more in-depth explanation of this zone!

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