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This short piece of news will showcase how leveling, health regeneration and level scaling works.

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Hello again, everyone!

In our previous news article, we showed you all how Dungeons of Daggerhelm combat works, how to kill enemies, and the graphical side of things.

Now, we're here to punish the player with limited health and the death penalty! We have given the player a health value that, once at 0, restarts the game to produce some sort of challenge instead of infinite invincibility.

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To bugtest the leveling, health, and scaling system, we created what you see on the screen: some debug text to show the current values of the player's core attributes: level, health, mana, and experience. Killing the evil rangers within the dungeon grants some experience (the green background helps you see the status text). This number is currently at a fixed position but will eventually be randomized to eliminate the pattern.

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Killing enemies and taking damage fluctuate these values. In this screen, our player has taken several hits while fighting enemies, a health decrease from 300 to 220. This is where our newly added health regeneration component helps the player with survivability. Players currently regenerate 2 health per second to help progress through the zone.

In addition, the player has 96 exp. from killing enemies. Reach the exp. cap for your level (200 for level 1), and you will...

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Level up! Leveling up does several things: it increases maximum health, mana and exp. to earn for the next level. Now it is more difficult to kill the player, and the player will be able to cast more spells (which will be added later).

This is currently a very simple system with only a few lines of code to get it going. With newer versions of the game, you will see more complex iterations of how leveling takes place.

Thank you for reading!

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