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DungeonRift is out on Steam Early Access and latest update introduces new playable character!

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We made it to Steam Early Access!

We’ve started our Early Access with a bunch of new mechanics, to make our first commerce version as much feature-rich and and interesting as we can. First of all, we got new playable character - barbarian Ironbraids! He’s unlockable after a few runs and differs from Sir Bucket with lower speed, tougher armor, inability to conjure magiac and count. Also he got different active ability - Battle Dash in which he charges at his enemies, pushes them around and inflict sirious damage. Oh yes, we have active abilities now - for Bucket it’s Dodge-Roll, that makes him invulnerable for duration of rolling out of danger. Poland can into roll too!

Enemies are ready for heroes and their ambitions - every couple of levels one of the monsters becomes King of the Rift, that make him tougher and gives him a fancy crown. “Fanciness” of the crown is determined by monster’s level. In future every monster will have a unique ability for his moment of royalness.

Steam Release, even in Early Access, is a giant step for us. Thanks everybody who supported us during our alpha-development - positive feedback and interest in our game is a best reason to complete our project into a full game. We’re hoping that you’ll like DungeonRift and we will continue improving it. =)

Patch note:

  • New playable character - Ironbraids;
  • Active abilities (Space button):
    Dodge Roll - character rolls in movement direction and gains invulnerability for roll-duration;
    Battle Dash - character boosts in aim directions, while damaging and pushing enemies. Damage grows with maximum health of the character;
  • Agility upgrade reduces recharge time of abilities;
  • Weapon throwback is smoother now;
  • Game levels now turning on 90/180/270 degrees and sometimes transpose to make more gamelevels for players;
  • New weapons grade - Runic weapons. It drops on later stages and worns down to “Worn” weapon, so it’s smart to change Runic for Fine weapon in some cases;
  • Two new melee weapons:
    Mace - unlocked at start of the game;
    Spear - unlockable after gaining enough experience;
  • New range weapon - Lightning. Unlockable.
  • Mace, Warhammer and Plunger got a chance to stun the enemy;
  • When monster reaches every 5th level first - he becomes The King of the Rift (and 18th level too). He receives a crown, his health grows 2 times and his damage grow 1,5 time. After 20th monster level the crown is given every 5th level to a random enemy. It could be picked up from defeated monster - it will protect the player and give experience bonus at the end of the level. Better crown - better defence;
  • There is a magnificent spark on the Fine weapons;
  • Game finishes after 50th portal;
  • Level editor is active again and it got a little better interface;
  • Now dead monster are marked in pause menu;
  • New monster - Hardwin the Troll;
  • New perks:
    “Thick Skull” - ignores stun effect and becomes enraged instead;
    “Tough Guy” - increses monsters health and make him immune to throwback;
    “Smart Guy” - increses experience gain rate for monster;
    “Body Slam” - monster can jum to create a wave of damage and throwback;
  • Potion stops bleeding and poisoning now in addition to standart heal;
  • Settings Screen! Only with audio vollume sliders and controls info at the moment;
  • Bug fixes, balance and graphics tweaks and many others big and small changes not cool enough to have their own bullet-point. =)
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