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Dungeon Tactics version 1.4 released! Download it now for free!

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Dungeon Tactics version 1.4 released!

I am proud to announce the largest update ever for Dungeon Tactics! This patch almost doubles the available content in game, makes a host of radical changes, and and adds tons of new mechanics that I think you will all very much enjoy. One of the largest features introduced in 1.4 is the strategic metagame, which is designed to extend longevity and provide additional game play options to users.

In addition, match sets are now drastically shorter while individual matches are somewhat longer; this combined with the new save / load functionality allows for fast 'drop in/drop out' style games as opposed to the extended sessions required in previous versions. These changes greatly increase the overall fun factor; don't take my word for it though, download the game now (it's free) and see for yourself!

Dungeon Tactics 1.4 Dungeon Tactics 1.4

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