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Mobile F2P games is a hard niche to break into, and even harder to get a successful Kickstarter going. We're trying anyways!

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My associate and I have finally pushed our first indie game title to the magical 80% mark and have finally kicked off our Kickstarter. We're in that tough space where we are trying to promote a mobile F2P game, however, since our long term target audience is Japan we feel we may actually have a chance. That said, we're not playing down our English speaking audiences either! If you've got a chance please take a look and leave some feedback.

As programmers it's easy to program something we think is fun, but without any artist friends we have to resort to paying money out of pocket for some professionals to help us out. We'd like to try to reduce that burden, and release a game with a large quantity of high quality art that our players can enjoy. The visual impact of our current artist's work is absolutely amazing! If we can keep a roof over her head for a few more months, she can continue to help us out, and ultimately try and get a fun game into everyone's hands.

Here's an example of all the amazing elemental wands she has drawn:

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