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Dungeon Runner is near release! This is the final pre-release dev diary for the game. Future updates will consist of new content for Dungeon Runner!

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It's been a long weekend of struggles and vigorous testing from several kind folks!

I have bashed my head against the wall several times when it has come to implementing Amazon Game Circle into the Android version of Dungeon Runner - to the point I have now put Amazon GC integration on hold for a future update to the game, when I have a lot more free time than I have had so far!

As stated before, everything needed for launch - Core mechanics etc. - is now in place to be able to look at a imminent release of this game on the Amazon App Store. The game has been hammered for testing by a few kind folks on both PC and Android setups. My two sons also spent the majority of the weekend on their favoured devices play testing the game trying to beat their scores and pointing out a few issue's that needed correcting.

Been tracking my downloads of both PC/Mac/Linux demo and the Android Demo and am pleased with the interest shown so far in the few days these have been available on my website - which hasn't been all that well advertised!

Anyway, moving on! As it stands, this is what Dungeon Runner will look like at launch:

Main Menu Screen

Main Menu

High Score Screen

Leader Boards

Credits Screen


Game Over Impaled Screen


Game Over Fried Screen

Lava Fried

Game Over Wall Screen

Wall Slammed

Support DR Screen


In Game Screenshot of revamped UI/Control System

Android In Game Control

My aim upon release of this game, is to keep on bringing new features into the system that I already have in place. This will be done over the course of several updates for the game. In the meantime I want to thank my testers for playing through the Alpha/Beta builds trying to find faults and suggesting improvements.

I will leave this post with one final Video Footage of the Android Version of the game in play. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I have making it so far.

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