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Dungeon Runner is a low poly style, endless dungeon runner. The aim of the game is to stay running as long as possible while collecting as many coins as possible. Get your high score and brag for the rights of king runner of the dungeons...

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A quick update to let you all know that I am still hard at work on Dungeon Runner.

In between work shifts and family duties, I have been putting in as much as I can to polishing up the game to bring it into a Beta testing stage this weekend.

Everything - Core mechanics - is now in place to be able to move closer to release of this game. I have now implemented all of the following (not all listed here):

  • Main Menu
  • The Endless Level
  • Game Over Lava
  • Game Over Impaled
  • Game Over Wall planted
  • Score system (local)
  • Timer
  • Credits Screen
  • Demo Page (show your support etc.)
  • Keyboard/Xbox and Android controls
  • Coin collection to increase score

I also "want" to add in more in future updates:

  • Amazon Game Circle
  • Google Play
  • iOS Game Center } all of these to allow leaderboards/achievements etc.
  • Steamworks
  • More ways to reach game over!
  • More traps
  • More sounds
  • More art
  • Maybe even different environments to run in.

As stated above, right now the game is in a very near release state. Going to spend the weekend fully testing current features and any I decide to implement if I have time. Then I will look at making this available for full Beta test and then Release*.

*Only when I and DR's designated testers have decided this is ready though!

Want a crease free launch :)

I will leave it at that for now, but keep spreading the word (Twitter/Facebook Y'all) - come on! =P Also get that Demo downloaded and played to have your feedback on DR. Maybe you will get a mention on the credits - who knows!

Happy Dev day folks...

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