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Xbox360 controller functions now in place, plus Android touch screen controller too!

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Been adding new features to Dungeon Runner with the little free time I have had as of late. First up I have now added function to allow an Xbox controller to be used to play the game. This is achieved with the left thumbstick for movement and button A for the jump function. Allows me to sit back on the sofa and use the controller to play on big screen which is quite fun trying to dodge the onslaught of dungeon challenges.

I have also been slowly implementing the Android touch controls of the game and this now runs in 16:9 without any issues experienced so far - although further testing does have to be carried out.

Android Dungeon Runner

Next on the list is the new ways to die and some more menu features and high score screen.

Is there any features you think could be added to this game? Get in touch now :)

To leave you with a short demo vid to show functions in place. As you can see I am terrible at my own game =P

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