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How we are still arguing about UI, new icons, dungeons, dragons, and importance of female royalty.

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The contest is here! And we want your votes. There, we’ve said it. We care about you, we love you. Who else is worthy of waging our pre-designed conquest than you? We’ll even show you stuff we stashed for the future. It’s a dungeon! With a dragon and a princess. It’s pretty awesome.

We’re the only developers who are willing to spill our guts for you. Just for you, just because we’re unconditionally in love with you all.

App of the Year Awards

No, we’re saying it just because we want votes.


See? That one on the left shelf? Second from the top? She was a princess. Look at the fancy dress.

Oh, to hell with you!

The dungeon is a prominent part of our journey. We put a lot of important stuff there. Showing it would actually spoil the experience narrative wise. The impish sexy beast that is your advisor has certain plans on one specific denizen of that cavern. Does the dragon scare him? Not so much, despite some heroes being scorched, gatored, and mercilessly eaten there.

Meanwhile we keep working on UI. This includes yelling, screaming, painful insults, indecisive arguments, and, should we be in the same town, stabbing.


Please, enjoy these new icons, while we desperately try not to kill each other. User experience is a tough thing to deliver, violent outbursts aren’t very helpful in these matters.


Vote for us! There is a big huge button somewhere here. Press it. Choose us. Choose evil. Meanwhile we’ll sharpen our UI blades and prepare bats. The wooden ones. For beating, no poetry intended.

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