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Dune Wars patch 1.5.4 is now available featuring changes to terraforming, economic refinements and some cool new art for the homeworld screen.

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To install and play Dune Wars you need Civilization 4 : Beyond the Sword, patch 3.19.

The latest version of Dune Wars is version 1.5.4, available here. You need to install Dune Wars 1.5 available here first, both are available via the links below.

Release Note for 1.5.4

Rewrite terraforming and fresh water interaction
* New rule for terraforming: the terrain of any land plot with fresh water, owned by a player following the Arrakis Paradise civic, may improve from terraforming. Rugged and badlands upgrade to rock; rock and graben upgrade to anchor grass; anchor grass upgrades to grassland.
* After a plot upgrades to grassland, a lake may appear. Since this is itself a source of fresh water, plots around it may then upgrade.
* A plot may have a terraform upgrade, but loses fresh water or is no longer owned by a player following the Arrakis Paradise civic. These plots will quickly lose their upgrade, although rugged, badlands and salt never re-appear.
* Fresh water now extends into desert waste (one line change in cvplot.cpp)
* Spice and worms will not come adjacent to fresh water; as fresh water spreads, spice and worms recede.
* Reservoir of Liet creates fresh water within entire BFC of city
* Windtrap no longer spreads fresh water

Economic changes
* Temporarily delete whip effect (hurry population) from civics; we don't understand the reason yet, but AI civs use whip way too much.
* Several buildings (Spotter Control, Desert Dock, Imperial Space Port(!?)) could only be built adjacent to water, due to flag bWater.
* Reduced foreign trade route benefit of Spotter Control to 50%. Still trying to keep foreign commerce yield under control.
* Reduced polar desert waste yield from 2w 1h 2c to 1w 1h 1c. We had discussed the risk of "polar supercities", which seems to have been justified. This will reduce it a little.
* Spice and sandworms can no longer enter polar desert waste terrain.
* Temporarily(?) eliminated Single Currency Landsraad Resolution: it has an exponential effect on foreign trade revenue.
* Reduced bonus from peaceful foreign trade from +100% to +50%.

Miscellaneous changes
* Merged homeworld screen version 2.04 from koma13 and deliverator; cool spinning homeplanet globe to watch while you order units. Only works with game graphics quality set to high)
* New buttons and city screen art for specialists and great people
* Start religion rewrite: icons and names for religions; unit art for missionaries. This is not very far along; the unit names, building names, building art, building effects, religion founding restrictions, etc are not in place.
* Failed to update gamefonts files with religion fonts; Landsraad shows up as (102) and Imperial shows up as a six pointed star instead of five pointed.
* Added desalinate action: converts salt pan into graben
* On game start, add several unique terrain features to map. So far there is only one (Rock Arch) but we will add more.
* Checked all units for impassable terrain: suspensors and vehicles (except walkers) cannot move into mesa
* Followers of Arrakis Spice civic get a -2 reaction (per reservoir) against owners of Reservoirs of Liet. This is now capped at -8 and if the follower changes civic, then the penalty is removed. (ED2)
* Changed text of "U.N" resolutions to "Landsraad"

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