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Version 1.6.1 of Dune Wars, the Dune mod for Civ IV:Beyond the Sword is now available. This release has a large number of changes, including Worm Rider art, new leader personalities, new map options, religion tweaks and more so be sure to check it out.

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Version 1.6 Changelog

Graphics changes
* Sandrider unit art! Units with the sandrider promotion automatically switch artwork to show up as a sandrider when moving into desert terrain. Art by deliverator. SDK changes suggested by FFH team and deliverator.
* Full set of new promotion and unitcombat icons (by Slvynn)
* New gamefonts file: religion and resource font characters now match icons (by Slvynn)
* New carryall units (by deliverator)
* In homeworld screen, new animation featuring a Spacer Guild navigator (by koma13)
* New Atreides Palace (by Deon)
* Replaced about 10 of the worst building buttons with new ones
* Added flier to spaceport building (by Deon)
* Change Harkonnen player color to red

Building changes

* Renamed Aerial Bay world wonder to Pilot School, Atreides UB for Aerie
* Changed Great Processor to remove global GP penalty, add +1 beaker per city following the religion, and changed beaker bonus to +25% (AHR45)
* All buildings with thinking machine unhappiness are destroyed when a city is captured
* Landsraad Embassy used to give +2 trade routes to all cities, now it doesn't.
* All of the religion temples require the same tech as founding the religion. Even if the religion spreads to you, you must research the tech to build the building.
* Imperial Palace now gives +1 culture per city instead of +1 gold; now gives +1 gold per nobleman (removed from fiefdom) (AHR48)
* Deleted observatory: extra +25% beakers not really needed

Unit changes

* Reduced strength of bladesman from 6 +10% city attack, to 5 +25%. Reduced hardened bladesman from 8 +20% to 7 +25%. The attack strength is not decreased much but they are more vulnerable to quads.
* Reduced cost of Mahdi Zealot (was Mahdi Fighter) from 40 to 30. It already did not have military support costs, and removing war weariness requires extracting some FFH code (AHR38).
* Added popup so human player can select specialty for Mentat. The specialties still don't do anything yet.
* Renamed Hawk Thopter to Vulture, added Atreides UU Hawk Thopter
* Suspensor Transport changed to defensive only, cargo capacity 3. This unit will no longer suicide after dropping off its cargo (AHR23).
* Removed Guerilla I,II promotions. The terrain they apply to is sink, which does not make much sense. The mesa terrain does not have any sdk hook for promotions since it is "peak" in vanilla. In the future we may add this hook.
* Increased cost of Qizarate missionary from 40 to 100; it functions as an inquisitor. Eliminated prerequisite building.
* Fixed bug, Fremen scouts popped from goody huts were missing the sandrider promotion

Civilization changes

* New behavior values for AI leaders. The old values for declaring war were very low; the AI civs should declare wars much more often now. (design by Ahriman)
* Removed Atreides Draft unique ability
* About five civs had a free initial worker. This is a little too powerful; replaced them with soldiers
* Fremen got two free initial scouts; this lets them scoop up goody huts. Changed one to a soldier. Also changed one initial technology from Mysticism to Desert Survival (AHR11).

Tech tree changes

* Reduce early game water surplus without affecting mid game:
+ Dropped shallow well yield by 1 water, add it back at desert engineering
+ Dropped windtrap yield by 1 water, add it back at arrakis habitation
+ Moved the +1 water for windtraps from sandfarms to desert industry.
+ Dropped dew collector yield by 1 water, add it back at desert plantation
+ Moved deep wells from climate controls to water discipline.
+ Cut the yield of all plantations by 2c, add it back at sand farms
* Some tech flags were placed randomly: move open borders and centers world map to Dune Topography and increase cost; move gold trading to protected trade; move vassal states to imperialism; move tech trading to education and increase cost; move culture rate slider to Law of Arrakis.
* Harsh Conditioning now requires Fanaticism since Hardened Bladesman should come after Bladesman.
* Removed tech requirements to connect bonuses. This is the TechCityTrade xml field, displayed as "(enables)" in the pedia entry. For example, nitrates required Desert Industry to connect, leading to an incorrect report (AHR39) that nitrates on peak were not connecting.
* Merged Sayyadinas tech into Faith
* Moved trade connection on rock and graben to exploration instead of desert trade to prevent icons from overflowing container box in tech chooser.
* Moved dew collectors to desert survival and added mining as a prerequisite for water transportation, to spread out first level tech choices
* Increased the beaker cost of arrakis habitation by ~20%.

Map changes

* In arrakis mapscript, thinned out mesas so that there is never a 2x2 block
* Retuned bonus distribution. Less clustering, fixed problem where no insect farm related bonuses were being placed on arrakis mapscript (by deliverator)
* Reorganized arrakis mapscript options; you can make the pole area larger (by deliverator)
* Arrakis mapscript used to recompute starting positions; remove this to let original functions do it. Fewer start positions on mesa (by koma13)

Miscellaneous changes

* Added civilization-specific diplomacy sounds to main release, previously in music pack; increases download size by about 20 MB.
* Cottage and turbine can no longer be built on mesa. This uses a new xml tag on improvements, bPeakMakesInvalid. Going forward we may rebalance solar farm, turbine and mine.
* Homeworld screen version 2.06 (by koma13):
+ Linked unit icons to civilopedia, click on it to open dedicated unit page
+ Can't select units anymore when short of money
+ Units in the pool automatically upgrade to their higher tier version (if available) when player advance to new era
+ Units in the pool can now be from last era, but only if no higher tier version is availabe in current era
+ Fixed bug preventing siege units from showing up in unit pool
+ Elite units get now 8xp
+ Made refresh rate of unit pool more dynamic
* Added pedia text for about 20 entries (by wanderinronin08 and connery)
* Fixed one more text string which said "UN" instead of "Landsraad"
* Changed era titles again, added one word English descriptions
* Renamed about 6 religion buildings, renamed Tleilaxu Supremacy religion to Tleilaxu Zensufism
* Not user visible: renamed 20 building directories and 50 unit directories to match their current unit name

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