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Covers the major changes on the latest map update.

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A small update, in anticipation of the coming friendly tourney next month :) If you are interested, hop in the server for some friendly games.

The Dungeon faction now has a location that increases your Spellpower by 3 but reduces your Knowledge and Defense by 1! Most factions have a location that increases your magic stats at the cost of might stats and vice versa. Dungeon is a little different because 1) attack is crucial to its gameplay and decreasing that would feel wrong 2) increasing both Spellpower and Knowledge would be too much 3) Dungeon does not actually need this location to have viable magic.
It is more of a spicy option that gives your hero extra power for a cost.


The combat logs have been improved! Crucial effects triggering like lucky spells, Bash, Purge or Paw Strike are now displayed in bright white texts so that they are easier to spot in the log if you missed something that happened. Or you're not sure if Warding Shot or Defile did anything :)

combat log

The manual has been enriched with more information and hyperlinks. You can now click and get redirected to the relevant section!


And a few gameplay tweaks:

- Dispel moves to tier 3, Deflect Missile moves to tier 2. Deflect used to compete with Bloodlust, which was clearly better.

- Rush Dive no longer triggers morale. It was a bit cheesy with unlimited dives.

- Hellfire cost returns to 5 mana.

- Searing Flames require Master of Fire again. It was possible to get them with just Basic Destructive which was not particularly balanced ^^

- Torpor cannot be removed by First Aid Tent. The effect is on par with Blind and having it removed by Tent was such a downside.

- Bone Dragon 3rd alt gains Life Drain at the cost of some attack & defence. It can still curse opponents.

- Magma/Lava Dragon damage slightly increased and Behemoth damage toned down.


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