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First Progress Update: Dark Times, Last Days, (Possible) Rlease Dates

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Well, this is the first update on this mod's profile on this site in about two months. Regular updates have been given at


This mod is now Dark Space rather than Dark Space: The Clone Wars, thanks to the launch of BF2 Modder Maveritchell's Dark Times Mod (which adds the Dark Times era to stock BF2 maps).

DS now has a fully working Clone Wars Side in a "new" era - the "Last Days" Era, which functions as a Clone Wars equivalent of the "Dark Times". The heroes, elite units and clone legions loaded for each playthrough/match are random, so there are dozens of possible combinations of unit lineups for every mission and map. In addition to this, this "dynamic" style of gameplay has been added to several DS missions - giving random objectives.

With sides nearly done after months of work (just need a few more heroes.....) they can now be added to many maps with relative ease. If anyone takes a look in the images section you'll see pics of several nice new maps. More are coming/being added. For total map number....somewhere between ten and twenty is the goal.

Sides Preview Map - Maloss
Go to the link below if you'd like to test out the Last Days era (shows up as "Clone Wars"). You will need Maveritchell's Dark Times Mod installed on BF2 to run it.

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