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We have released the 0.932 beta patch for Drox Operative. This patch adds ceasefires, revamps some of the components like missile defense and ballistics, and fixes a bunch of minor issues.

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Here's all of the changes for patch 0.932.

Drox Operative

  • player can now pay for a temporary ceasefire with races that are at war with the Drox Operatives
  • fixed some potential crashes when client fails to connect to a server
  • missile defense now fires automatically
  • made ballistics straight, increased the touch distance a little, and increased the damage by 50%
  • tractor beams now disable movement for a second on victim and will auto target (Bluddy)
  • repulsor beams now disable movement for a second on victim and will auto target (Bluddy)
  • fixed Pulsar Generator and other radiation damage not damaging planets and devices (Evan)
  • races can no longer seize negative credits (Evan)
  • anti-missile missiles no longer start facing the direction the parent ship is facing (Sedlex)
  • no longer get yelled at when killing bounty hunters (Roswitha)
  • crew comparison no longer compares to crew in slots the new crew can't go into (Evan)
  • made player level guaranteed data across network
  • no longer get repair sound if enemies are nearby (Crisses)
  • renegade type quests now mention system in announcement (Crisses)
  • now if allocating a crew point raises the structure of your ship, it is not "damaged" (Crisses)
  • fixed status effect on EM missile and geomagneticStorm (Evan)
  • fixed some quests showing up on solve quest screen when they shouldn't (Steve)
  • fixed hitting end in console and scroll bar going too far

Drox Operative

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