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We have released the 0.931 beta patch for Drox Operative. This patch fixes a bunch of small issues, adds more polish, and balances the game a bit better.

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Here's all of the changes for patch 0.931.

Drox Operative

  • emp damage now degrades over distance (area effect versions)
  • fixed critical hit on Impact analysis components not working correctly (Sedlex)
  • killing a bounty hunter is now worth 2 fear points (alstein)
  • races will now go into debt if necessary to build the first defensive ship for a planet (makes sense and makes defend planet time estimate much more reliable)
  • fixed quest monsters getting put into dimensional pockets (Roswitha)
  • now when the planet's population is killed off there is a high chance that the planet type will degrade (MOOMANiBE)
  • random sector size will no longer choose a huge sector
  • added corruption per planet
  • now some technology might be found when a player destroys a race (longshot)
  • made it so quest only monsters no longer try to add to the shipyard (Sedlex)
  • fixed female versions of Talons not getting counted correctly in the shipyard
  • now switching race on trade screen clears the trade
  • can now complete propaganda and sabotage quests without taking them (sbach2o)
  • no longer get energy per hit on damage over time
  • no longer try to play powerburn.wav sound (Valgor)
  • fixed a reference to fireQuiet.snd (Valgor)
  • fixed getting teleported twice sometimes when entering a Teleporter Den (Roswitha)
  • status bars now shift a little to compensate for zoom level (ShaggyMoose)
  • no longer reset alpha on things that go out of view from zooming when paused (Valgor)
  • fixed not being able to see other players race specific components
  • fixed sorting issue with mineable asteroids
  • can now click on a power ranking bar to talk to that race (ScrObot)
  • in windowed mode, now save last window position for next time (Windows only for now) (Mivo)
  • can no longer select hardcore and semi-hardcore (ScrObot)
  • changed Your Ship to Your Position on opening screen
  • black box now has a graphic instead of a colored blip on minimap and system maps
  • localized Journal correctly
  • added achievements button to in game menu (ScrObot)
  • fixed a stealth/turning off thrusters sound issue (Shadowy Figure/Crisses)
  • decreased energy gain on hit efficiency a little (0.5 to 0.4)
  • extended rescue SafeRange from 250.0 to 350.0 (ScrObot)
  • changed decline button to remove when the quest has failed (Mivo)
  • npcs move a lot more now
  • added a description to passive weapon boosts to specify which weapons they improve (Crisses)
  • added a description to a couple of the EM weapons (Crisses)
  • changed population prints from an absolute number to a percent (ShaggyMoouse)
  • added a highlight description to tweaked find (demoss)
  • improved fear/legend part of game objective help topic (Roswitha)
  • added a comma to "Components in Space" help topic (Roswitha)
  • fixed Inertial Attenuator spelling (Sedlex)
  • made option capitalization more consistent (Valgor)
  • made option names more consistent (Valgor)
  • rearranged options slightly (Valgor)
  • now special Drox commands are announced at beginning of the game (ScrObot/Evan)
  • reworded a bunch of the lost text (Steve/Roswitha)
  • now mention system name in bounty quest (Crisses)
  • fixed hunter destroyed message (Roswitha)
  • fixed Trypanos Spies (plural issue) (Roswitha)
  • fixed spacing in Utopian recruit quest text (Roswitha)
  • now get green * next to this planet needs this component text if you are in the right system (Crisses)

Drox Operative

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