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We have released the 0.928 beta patch for Drox Operative. This patch has a few balance changes, some useful UI tweaks, and a bunch of fixes.

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Here's all of the changes for patch 0.928.

Drox Operative

  • moved focus on opening screen to right on focus planet
  • fixed closing tiny stash bags (ScrObot)
  • changed to a bigger explosion for anti-matter fields (Steve)
  • comets now have a new explosion (Steve)
  • fixed another way can get blank quests (Steve)
  • changed Food Grow Rate to Food Harvest Rate (Valgor)
  • changed Food Needed Rate to Food Consumption Rate (Valgor)
  • changed Worth to Planet Worth
  • fixed Ship Build Time Estimate capitalization (Valgor)
  • now show more accurate max relation number when highlighting race icons (Katrin)
  • fixed thanks and killed text for AntiNeutronium quest (Sedlex)
  • fixed EM Shockwave status effect (Sedlex)
  • fixed spacing in Super Tornadoes to Recession (Roswitha)
  • no longer show in escape pod warning (no longer relavent) (Sedlex)
  • now show xp gain on legend win highlight text
  • bomb damage now degrades over distance from explosion
  • mine damage now degrades over distance from explosion (not as much as bombs though)
  • decreased deadly aim critical hit boost from 0.25 to 0.15
  • now color code monster names correctly on planet attack messages (Roswitha/incognoscente)
  • fixed not showing unlocked challenges correctly (ScrObot)
  • added some circumstances text to max speed (ScrObot)
  • added reset to defaults button on message options screen (ScrObot)
  • added prev/next race buttons to many of the race screens (alstein)

Drox Operative

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