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We have released the 0.921 beta patch for Drox Operative. This patch adds some filtering control over event messages, adds a borderless windowed mode, and as usual fixes a bunch of small things.

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Here's all of the changes for patch 0.921.

Drox Operative

  • fixed problem with trying to unlock achievements when there aren't any
  • added Genocide achievement
  • added Planet Destroyer achievement
  • changed Doomsday achievement icon
  • fixed steal technology quest making an incorrect item showing up on trade screen
  • increased cargo bay chances some more
  • fixed insurance-paid-for (Roswitha)
  • fixed imposter-controlled (Roswitha)
  • races no longer complain or praise about doing quests for races they haven't met yet (DarkTraveler)
  • fixed some effects showing up in the middle of nowhere (Roswitha)
  • added system name to incoming object announcements (Crisses)
  • red question mark on races now have a green * if they have a quest available in the player's system (Crisses)
  • kill race ships quests now get obsoleted if races end war (Crisses)
  • fixed a problem where sometimes the ! symbol would be over a planet with no completed quests (Roswitha)
  • changed PROTOCOL_VERSION to 7
  • now have an option to hide message types: attacks, resources (defaults on), rumors, and colonizations (defaults on)
  • now have an option to make message types important: treaty changes (defaults on)
  • now have an option to hide messages about specific races
  • now have an option to always show messages about specific races
  • can now make friends always important (defaults on)
  • can now make enemies always ignored
  • fixed "ship's name" issue
  • fixed "Something strange is going on, destroy as many Xs as it takes" plural issue (Roswitha)
  • reworded Ancient Monster quest text slightly (Roswitha)
  • fixed Ancient Monster killed by race text (Roswitha)
  • changed weapon units from meters to a generic units (NefariousKoel/viper34j)
  • now show a race's technology level when you highlight their icon on the relation screens (Lyranaar)
  • trading planet data now shows system name also (Lyranaar)
  • fixed scrollbar down arrows blinking when you were at the bottom of the list
  • added borderless window option in advanced graphics options (profanicus)
  • fixed a few settings not getting initialized correctly across a graphics restart

Drox Operative

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