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Hey, all. Today we are discussing future updates, and hopefully You can give some input!

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Hey All, I know its been close to 4 months since the last update, but this one brings in a very cool feature, Multiplayer!Now, I've been very busy, but over Christmas break, you can expect some major updates and some very quick ones at that.
The Road so far- Great. Even though there's only a few people that watch this page im glad with the game progress so far. I have a lot of progress yet to be made if i hop to release 1.0 by June 2nd, BUT, that would be a lot easier with some community Input!!

Here is a basic roadmap:-The next update - v_0.3.1- should be just bug fixes
-v_0.4 brings around clothing, armor, group systems, and a revamped car system. Then further along the road we will be adding in things like a completely new, and redone map, and(with luck) I'll have some friends to help wiht that.
-v_0.5 brings Revamped trading, along with cross player trading. also the new town designs should be put into the game
-v_0.6 brings a more intuitive Questing system, which allows followers,(more than one, up to probably 30) and a main quest line, along with a TON of minor ones.
-v_0.7 Item and content update, Rebuffed crafting, hopefully this update brings 200+ items 20+guns 30+melee , and 4+ building types. along with more eneimies, and better AI
-v_0.8 Still debateing, but the wolfs wont be boxes at this point. also smoother animations, wasteland factions, town systems, the whole works
-v_0.9 Fixing update to make everything run smooth, communtiy ideas update.
-v_1 CARS CARS CARS. by that i mean repairs, gas, work properly, mostly everything. till then we are stuck with a broken shell, really.

Got any input? post your ideas in the comments, or on the website at

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