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Hello, all the 8 that will probably read this. I'm just asking for a quick preference on what you would like to see in droughts multiplayer. On the next update, in about a month too two months.(about how long I think it will take to set up a skeleton of the multiplayer system) If your intrested in giving input, Read this!

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Drought Multiplayer Thoughts:
Now this is for your thoughts, would you like to see drought multiplayer as soon as its remotely playable or would you like too see something pretty good with maybe some extra content? You can even give ideas on items and features! i'm blank on what you guys would like in a Multiplayer, so it would be great to input.

I plan to make about 40 player servers, maybe 80. not sure yet.
These would all be self run(You make them[No dedicated servers....])
Grouping system(Basically you decide, Groups, clans, nations[cross server] or maybe just villages)
VILLAGES- Basically you set aside a area of land, then you let people in(Village leader decides) then they can build on the land. the land would have to be in-cased in walls of some kind.
CLANS- Just large groups up to half the server population
Nations-Cross server groups, own forum pages, and the ability to set up events.
Groups-Small groups of friends that can share locks, beds, and housing.
---Other Details---
Wiping/upkeep-(Ill add this in as server preference)
Player looting/ advantages of grouping- I plan to make it more profitable to be a group then a single person, this is to encourage Helping over KOS, which we all know can be annoying.
Larger Map-I plan to make the map at least 8 times bigger, along with other maps that the server can choose to set up.

(Your Input)
I want to see you guys input so that I can see what you want, when you want it.
currently i plan to make a really basic multiplayer and slowly add in details and content.
However, this can be changed by your input, perhaps you want to see more KOS, or classes?
Maybe even a advanced Skill leveling system, or a reward system for certain occurrences. Its all based off of your input. I encourage you to add your idea.


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